Since the very young age, children are ready to learn new things. Bringing them up with healthy development is what new parents should understand and prepare themselves for. However, during the process, developmental and behavioral problems may occur and if the parents understand the situation well, the child rearing may not be as difficult as it seems. Dr.Sudarat Supanitayanon, our developmental and behavioral pediatrician at Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin shares that children with developmental and behavioral problems can be classified into 3 groups according to their ages. Early childhood who may have problems of poor muscle functions such as inability to crawl, walk, speak or being naughty and aggressive. Middle Childhood may have problems of naughtiness, short attention span, learning problems such as inability to read or write, problems keeping up with the study at school,  avoid going to school and also biting other kids. Teenagers may have mood issues with the effects from hormonal changes, this age group may skip school or having game addictions which may become a long-term problem if left untreated. Treating problems at the very young age will have more benefits than managing the problems when they have already grown up. Very thin or small children who wish to be bigger or taller should do something at the very young age than leaving them to adulthood when not much can be done.  The same principles apply to children with autism. If they are detected and provided with treatments at the very young age, they can have development at their full potential. Developmental screening can be made from the age of 1 month to 6 years old. This period plays an important part in child development. We should be able to discover what they are good at and also find ways to enhance those abilities. The screening will cover 5 areas which are cognitive development, motor development, eye-hand coordination, language development and executive functions. Taking care of your children and for them to grow up with good physical and mental development, it requires love and care from all surrounding people including parents, other family members and teachers. Regular visits with a pediatrician from a newborn to school age will include developmental screening, especially children of preschool age who require screening for visual and hearing functions. When parents detect or suspect possible developmental problems, consultation with the child development specialist is recommended; Dr. Sudarat concluded. ************************************************************************** For more information and booking an appointment, please contact : Tel. 032-616-800 Call Center, Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin Tel: 032-616-883 (8.00 – 17.00 hrs.) Pediatric Department, 3rd floor Line : @bangkokhuahin or