Patient's rooms and amenities

At Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin, we have different room types that you can choose to suit your needs. This is to ensure that your stay at our hospital is pleasant and convenient with a high standard of service. All rooms have a contemporary design and equipped with modern medical equipment and room amenities and, most importantly, the 24 hours service by a team of specialists and nurses.


Room Rates
2,700 Baht
Nursing Fee
1,800 Baht
Hospital Fee
1,400 Baht
1,230 Baht
Total Price
7,130 Baht

Room Amenities

  • Adjustable patient bed with a nurse call system
  • Couch for patient’s company
  • Select TV with local/international channels with remote control
  • In-room telephone system with access to local and international calls
  • Wi-fi Internet coverage
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Room & bathroom amenities


  1. The room rate is charged from the time of admission
  2. If the patient stays less than 12 hours, the room rate, nursing service and hospital will be charged 50%
  3. If the patient was admitted more than 12 hours, the room rate, nursing service and hospital service will be charged at full rate
  4. After all processes finished, the patient will be able to stay in room within 2 hours